yoga50plus with Willem Wittstamm

Because the Best is Yet to Come!

You have realized, Yoga might support your path?

Maybe you wonder, if a “normal class” suits your personal levels

Yoga50plus might be your solution!

Yoga is not about acrobatic postures or hip studios. It has nothing to do with chasing eternal youth. Let´s face it. The wisdom of Yoga has always been the wisdom of the elderly. And it is not about modern fitness-fakirism. Gentle adaption of the postures help to refine vitality. meditation guides us to a better understanding. Breathing in a breeze helps us to let loose. That’s all it needs.

Yoga50plus meets you, where you sit. On your chair. That doesn’t mean, we are simply sitting. Chairs are wonderful props, useful in many ways, we lean against them or use them to stabilize standing stretches. Almost all essential yogic postures can be performed in variations using support from chairs. At any age.

Many of us are way beyond to face the challenges of a “normal” yoga class. Others search depths behind the fitness-aspect. Why should they miss out on the physical possibilities and the mental support Yoga offers? Yoga50plus minimizes the decreasing vigor and helps to really grow! old. In the true sense of the word.

With Yoga50plus you learn to vary the postures according to you own condition, building up on your momentary needs and abilities. This means, Yoga50plus is also Yoga60plus, Yoga70plus and Yoga30plus too. It´s simply a personal approach. And it´s effective.


"Don't adapt yourself to Yoga, adapt Yoga to yourself."
Ramana Maharshi

Yoga50plus rests on two pillars, the physical and the subtle


On the physical plane, Yoga50plus mainly has five objectives. A stabile pelvic floor, an upright and flexible spine, restoring lung-capacity and training of balance and coordination. Maintaining Your level in these areas is a guarantee of lifability. A pledge you will redeem.


On a refined level, Yoga50plus helps us to align and renew our life in relation to the changing conditions and challenges of the aging process. Yoga50plus provides a vast pool of target-oriented exercises, meditations, and breathing techniques. They are fantastic tools to help us accept the aging process and guide us to inner growth.

“Asanas performed with a deep sensitivity to the breath are ten times more beneficial than those without breath awareness”.
Swami Kripalu

The body is the base we build upon

Since more than 50 years modern science again and again proves the diverse benefits of Yoga. Bodily fitness included. But Yoga is more than just “fit for fun”. It works not just physically but also on the mental plane.

Yoga is a tool that helps us to stop musing about old pain, to grow out of old patterns and focus forward.

Working us gently towards physical alignment melts away our inner blocks. If done consciously, it might help us to let go of mental limitations too. The liberating aspects of yoga work on many levels. Posture by posture, breath by breath they guide us back into our natural abundance. That’s Yoga.



The aim of Yoga50plus is

Strengthen the pelvic floor, giving stability

uplifting the spine, gaining back resilience

expanding the lungs, boosting vitality

maintaining balance and coordination skills

This focus provides you with a solid foundation to perceive the aging process as a benefit.



The Essence of Yoga


Again and again, first-time students approach me for weight-loss or regaining physical flexibility. These are good, comprehensible motives. After a while, it´s even more rewarding, to hear these students tell me about development like better sleep or worries, that vanished in thin air. Some speak of a new level, which they found in their partnership, others find the punch for long delayed decisions. This is no surprise to me, from own experience. Nowadays i understand Yoga as a holistic tool. And the more I realize its depth, the more I understand the old yoga-script. They tell me, the more I check myself, the more I realize, what life offers.

So, just practice, breathe, and marvel at what you discover.


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